Why does my DrivePro Body 30/60/70 have a wrong time point on the time stamp of the video file after using it with the stand-alone version of the DPD6N?

Category : Setup / Operation
Please note that if your DPD6N is not connected to the power supply for a long time, the electronic component that keeps the time and date may lose efficacy.

If you find that the DPD6N time is incorrect, you may connect the computer to the DPD6N LAN port, and then open the settings page of the DPD6N ( to manually set the correct time or directly synchronize the computer's time to the DPD6N. In addition, you may also turn on/off the “DPB Sync Time With DPD6N” function.

In short, if you need to use the DPD6N continuously, we suggest you keep the DPD6N and the power adapter connected.
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